A Tiny Tooth Sensor That Can Track What You Eat & Can Monitor Your Health

Industry : Healthcare Upcoming Reports Date : April 27th, 2018
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A tiny tooth sensor is an emerging technology that is capable of monitoring and detecting that whether a person is deviating from a diet or stuck in a smoking habit. The sensor in the middle layer detects chemicals and nutrients reacting to different inputs with a shift in its electrical properties i.e. change in color of central layer. This shift causes the sensor to transmit a different spectrum and an intensity of radio frequency waves back to the app. This impressive tiny chip is helpful to measure just 2 millimeters sqaure and can detect sugar, salt, alcohol, and even bio-chemicals too. The three different layers perform three different functions that include absorption of chemicals, the collection of data, and transmission of waves in RF system. It also helps to improve the diet, and thus our overall health.

Factors driving the growth of the market are growing concern for a healthy body, a surging need for prevention and treatment of oral diseases, increasing demand for flexible and compact wearable sensor, advancement in technology, and others. Moreover, this product is able to worn on user’s teeth wirelessly and transmits the data about food intake to a smartphone app. The wearable technology and ease of its use is likely to fuel the demand.

The Emergence of tooth sensor technology majorly drives the healthcare industry

The capability to monitor mouth motions may help physicians keep track of a patient’s progress or allow a patient to better understand his or her health habits. These sensors could also help people to keep accurate logs of their diet. This electronic chip carries layers of gold, and a sandwiched biosensor acts like an antenna that is used to capture information in real time and transmit physiological data. This tooth mounted sensor can be used for both lifestyle and medical purposes. This sensor monitors ingested fluids and transmit information wirelessly, and using this wearable gadget, any individual can easily track our diet and health.

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A Tiny Tooth Sensor That Can Track What You Eat and Can Monitor Your Health