Homi Mullan

Industry : Date : January 8th, 2016
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Business Consultant

market research team
Areas of Expertise
  • Project Management
  • Operations Management
  • Business Planning
  • Product Development
  • Creative Strategy
  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Bachelor of Science, Physics & Mathematics, University of Pune, Maharashtra

Homi Mullan, Business Consultant for Energy & Environment Technologies – Raychem RPG (P) Ltd., is a senior professional with ample working knowledge and experience since 1963.  Throughout his professional career he has gained in-depth knowledge in the areas of Energy & Environment Conservation Technologies.

Energias comes up with results that are actually implementable. That is their strength compared to other consulting companies.

With a vision to impart knowledge, he has been contributing immensely to fulfill the technology products needs of Developing and Emerging markets, and building of knowledge blocks for Specialization and Mastery of diversified subjects. With this vision in mind Homi Mullan moves on in life with a mission to introduce and offer newer technologies that offers quality solutions at a fraction of cost over conventional means. He also likes to mentor Engineering and Management students and guide faculties with his experiences. Since the last five decades he has been providing trainings to engineers and managers.  He beliefs in imparting knowledge gained and hence keeping that in focus he has been sharing ideas through several technical papers, notes and presentations.

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