Our Research Methodology


A perfect methodology is for producing best research; it is the foundation for the entire process incorporating success. Here the young and dynamic team of, market research analyst and consultants has created the best methodology that directs the direction in every assignment we undertake and every report we publish. Our research process is among one of its uniquely designed, with highest flexibility to make sure best pedagogy for each assignment, while retaining the core crux that ensure accuracy and authenticity. Common pedagogy and parameters studied and evaluated for each report include:

  • Detailed Interviews
  • Desk Research
  • Technology & Innovation
  • Regulatory and Political Scenario
  • Demographics


The rapid advancement in social, technological and economic development, the traditional way of marketing research industries needs to  adopt new tools and strategies in order to position itself in the most flexible, and cost effective manner. Telephonic surveys have made it easier to participate in real time surveys. The answers recorded using the CATI methodology are quick and genuine which also adds to the credibility of the data collected.

Energias Market Research aims to redefine this legacy by incorporating market research approach using the CAWI or Phone-to-Web Methodology to increase the participation rate and have the highest data quality.

We follow the below mentioned steps to ensure quality data:

  • Understand requirement
  • Understanding the questionnaire and developing a strategy to reach out the goal
  • Creating a feasible plan of action
  • Internal quality checks on a daily basis to ensure quality data
  • Final detailed scrutiny of data by quality check team
  • Analysis of data using tools like Excel, SPSS and ASCII


On the verge of future marketing research, the traditional marketing research approach has become old in the fast pace of emerging marketing research. Web survey is the future.

We follow the below mentioned steps to ensure quality data:

Energias Market Research helps you in finding out the best alternatives with the definite solution with the positive outcomes.


The market is driven by urbanization, and with the fast pace of modern life there is a tremendous uprise in new developments and technology across all verticals of industries. The consumer is aware of the fast changing surroundings and style changes. With the launch of new products and services almost every day, the market is witnessing cut throat competition. This constantly changing environment makes it difficult to retain consumers over a longer period of time. The consumers are constantly facing challenges to cope up with the environment in terms of products, health and other services. To meet the consumer expectations and demands research analyst and companies today are performing detailed insights to understand consumer demands and consumption rates.

Energias Market Research understands the need for extensive research and carries out extensive interviews for companies to better understand current and potential problems and offer cost effective solutions. Detailed interviews are qualitative in nature and the questionnaire consists of open ended questions. This allows the respondent to express their thoughts and share insights which might not have been covered using quantitative methodologies.

We follow the below mentioned steps to ensure quality data:

  • Secondary research in order to obtain a better understanding of the topics to be researched so that the analysts are able to explore deeper insights
  • Interviewing and recording the interview in audio format
  • Transcription of the interview
  • Record observations and personal views and feelings while conducting the interview


Desk Research refers to secondary research, which includes the summary, collation and/or synthesis of existing research, rather than primary research, where data is collected from, for example, research subjects or experiments. Sometimes desk research is required in the preliminary stages of research to determine what is known already and what new data are required, or to inform research design.

While performing a Desk research, we follow the following steps –

We go for a tailored approach towards your desk research requirement which comprises of searching for information using existing resources, such as the press, the Internet, analytical reports and statistical publications. This is then followed by cross referencing and the collation of data.

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