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Market research

Energias Market Research is a brain child of professionals who have realized that there is dearth of quality in research domains. We are a corporate market research and consulting firm established in the year 2016.

Our focus is on Global, Indian sub-continent and South East Asia and our key service offerings include Market Entry Strategy Consulting, M&A Advisory and detailed reports for client’s business challenges. We focus on selected clientele and provide them with end to end solutions. Energias Market Research is a pool of multidisciplinary passionate talent who can solve your business challenges with a clear actionable plan based on strategic insights.

We are the first of its kind in market research with a focused approach, in-depth knowledge and entrepreneurial mindset providing trusted services. Strong domain knowledge set up with experienced supervision and tight quality control through sampling system and co-ordination. In-depth knowledge and understanding of the global market, cultural psyche, and consumers with industrial alignment provides us an excellent knowledge base.

Energias Market Research team has over 50 years of total deal experience and has serviced clients from different parts of the world including the U.S., Canada, Europe, UK, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia apart from Indian clients. Detailed research is the foundation, on which Energias business flows.

We tell you what others don’t. We coach you on business culture and what is acceptable and what is not. Highest level of confidentiality, level of dedication, quality and complete trust are some of our attributes. We are in for the long run. Our head office is based out in Buffalo, New York, United States, while our senior consultants are present in Australia, Dubai, Singapore and United Kingdom.


What makes us different!

  • We work very closely with our clients, almost becoming an integral part of their teams. We prefer to take up only a few assignments at one point as that gives us ample scope to completely get involved with the  with our clients and provide them the best of solutions
  • We have the ability to solve problems and generate innovative ideas to help clients achieve their objectives
  • We have developed in-depth knowledge of the markets we operate in
  • We have demonstrated access to key executives round the globe
  • We have successfully been able to handle long term relationships with our clients
  • We display a good sense of responsibility and offer independent advice whenever required
  • We promote an entrepreneurial mindset and assist our clients to grow their business
  • We are composed of a young energetic team with a positive attitude
  • We have expertise who have strong deal structuring capabilities

What unique we hold!

  • Reasonable advice and assistance to clients to help them achieve their objectives
  • In-depth research proactive ideas; all our work is built on detailed research which helps us develop ideas and talk to clients proactively (instead of waiting for companies to decide on targets)
  • Completely trusted service; no conflicts of interest
  • Uphold highest standards of ethics
  • Build long term relationships

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