Our business consulting and advisory services provide a comprehensive and research view which is helpful in overcoming business challenges and also helps you to prioritize the opportunities whether you have a new venture in the market or you are a well established player. Our consulting team is very dedicated and proves their commitment with their clients. Their broad area of expertise in various industries and immense knowledge helps the client to take quick and effective decisions. Energias Market Research utilizes its business consulting expertise to push the growth of the large and promising enterprises in the world.

Market Feasibility Analysis:  Market feasibility becomes most important when a product is entering into the existing market or there is an existing product entering into the new market. This is not only applicable for the product but for the venture trying to get into the industry. Research insights help us in giving a clear picture of the market so that an informed decision is made, simultaneously lowering down the business risk that will lead to a path of sustained growth.  The insights will help to explore newer opportunities and meeting unmet needs. The team of experience analysts estimates and forecast the demand and supply in the market. The analysis is based on the thorough review and study of economic trends, historical trends and expected future developments. Feasibility analysis serves as an indispensable tool for taking crucial decisions for sustained growth. Market Feasibility analysis lets you identify the following business aspects:

  • Potential buyers
  • Market entry strategies
  • Competitors & market share
  • Route to market/ distribution
  • Customer buying behavior
  • Sales projections

Technological Analysis:

Technological Intelligence helps the company to identify the technological opportunities and threats that could possibly affect the future growth of the business. The analysis helps the company to collect and analyze the information on market, product, technology changes and other environmental factors to increase their decision making quality and competitiveness. Our analyst team understands their clients and needs and identifies their most profitable areas of operations by using technology analysis techniques such as benchmarking, technology monitoring etc.

Customer Insights:

These days, the business environment totally revolves around customer needs and satisfying them. Energias Market Research provides key insights on customer needs which help the client in creating a strong brand value in the market. The analyst team at Energias carries out root cause analysis, predictive modeling and demand forecasting in order to deliver the high performance results to the clients. The key issues we address in the customer insights are:

  • Customer need analysis and buying behavior
  • Understanding the changes happening in the market (price & promotions)
  • Customer self analysis
  • Identification of target customers

Competitive Intelligence:

Competitive Intelligence services helps in identifying and evaluating the competition in the market which is crucial in corporate for strategic planning and taking important confidential decision. The business environment is very competitive in nature nowadays. Diversifying economic landscape, increase of latest technologies and rising consumer expectations have made the customer necessarily to know about his competitor. We at Energias aim at enabling organizations to determine effective strategies and solutions to increase their business multiple folds. Key issues we address in this section are:

  • Competitor profiling including their financials, products and services, strategic initiates
  • SWOT and Porters five forces of analysis to determine the competitive threat
  • Identification of mergers and acquisitions
  • Strategic developments an recommendations
  • Industry best practices
  • Competitive engagement models
  • Price analysis

Risk Analysis:

Just like the competitor intelligence is necessary, risk analysis is equally important for the business perspective, it helps the customer to identify and manage potential problems or threats that can occur in the business. We have a dedicated team at Energias that performs the risk analysis and evaluation using qualitative and quantitative risk analysis method for the client who are willing to enter into the new market or for their competitor is launching a product or any government changes affecting their product or services.

Supplier Benchmarking:

It is a good habit to know about your competitor best products and pricing. Supplier benchmarking is a tool that allows researching the market and comparing offers from different suppliers for a product / services. This activity proves to be useful in identifying the areas of improvement in the supply chain also enables the suppliers to understand the nature of the market and how to manage their time. This can also help the suppliers to identify their weaknesses and opportunities in the market.

Vendor Management:

Vendor management and selection is done clearly by dissecting the value chain of the market. Our team provides extensive research into the distribution and vendor management. This is done by contacting various vendors across the industry in the market by obtaining quotes with pricing, quality of work, negotiating contracts etc.  The key issues we address in this section are:

  • Identifying suitable channel partners
  • Identifying profit margins and earning opportunities of the customers
  • Identifying distribution partners across the value chain

Advisory Services:

Our Business Advisory team offers tailored, comprehensive and tailored solutions for specific client business need. Our range of solutions includes:

  • M & A Transaction services
  • Business & technology services
  • Risk consulting services

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