Barley Market Outlook, Trend and Opportunity Analysis, Competitive Insights, Actionable Segmentation & Forecast 2023

Industry : FMCG Upcoming Reports Date : November 21st, 2017
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The hike in the demand for barley malt from the alcoholic beverage industry is a leading driving strength in the global barley market. The market is also flourishing due to the increasing demand for clean label trends, convenience food products, various range of applications in the food & beverage industry, and hiking demand for natural ingredients. The growth in the health consciousness in the alcohol consumers has become the major hindrance in the demand for barley malt. Due to that, the global barley market got negatively impacted. Pest & disease infestation in the barley cultivating field, disruptive change in the climate, declining soil fertility has also caused in the lessening in the yield of barley.

Barley is a very versatile cereal grain that has a rich, nutlike flavor. The consistency of the grain is chewy which makes it’s a pasta-like appeal. The look of barley is very similar to wheat berries, it is only a little lighter in color. When sprouted, the barley is naturally very high in maltose. Maltose acts as the base for malt along with thesyrup sweetener. Fermentation of barley makes it a suitable ingredient in beer and various other alcoholic beverages. For more than years, several scientific studies have established that barley can help mitigate the risk of diseases and lend other health benefits. Barley offers many of the healthy vitamins and minerals that other whole grains offer. It is also an important source of vitamin C, carbohydrates, fatty oils, and proteins. Therefore, barley is used with several other ingredients in the food industry. Conventionally, it was basically used as a food grain but its other uses as a natural sweetener and a brewing ingredient are also famous and known nowadays. Today, barley malt is widely used for producing alcoholic beverages.

The global barley market is divided by type, grade, application, and region. The global barley market is divided by type into whole grain barley, pearl barley, barley malt, barley grits, barley flakes, and barley flour. The global barley market is divided by grade into the cosmetic grade, pharmaceutical grade, feed grade, food grade, malt grade. The global barley market is divided by the application into alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic beverages, animal feed, personal care products, pharmaceuticals, food industry. The global barley market is divided by region into North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East & Africa and Asia Pacific.

Some of the players in the global barley market are Axereal Group, Cargill, Incorporated, Malteurop Group, Grain crop Limited, Soufflet Group, Global Malt Gmbh & Co. KG, Crisp Malting Group, Ireks Gmbh, Muntons Plc, Simpsons Malt Ltd. Due to high demand for barley malt from the alcoholic beverages manufacture is acting as a high-impact driver for the global barley market.

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1.1. Market Definition

1.2. Market Scope

1.3. Research Methodology

1.4. Sources


2.1. Market Snapshot


3.1. Introduction

3.2. Value Chain Analysis

3.3. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

3.4. Key Trends

3.5. Opportunities

3.6. Drivers and their impact on forecast

3.7. Restraints and their impact on forecast

3.8. Type Positioning or Company Market Share

4. Global Barley Market, By Type (2017-2023)

4.1. Global Barley Market, by Whole Grain Barley

4.2. Global Barley Market, by Pearl Barley

4.3. Global Barley Market, by Barley Malt

4.4. Global Barley Market, by Barley Grits

4.5. Global Barley Market, by Barley Flakes

4.6. Global Barley Market, by Barley Flour

5. Global Barley Market, By Grade (2017-2023)

5.1. Global Barley Market, by Cosmetic Grade

5.2. Global Barley Market, by Pharmaceutical Grade

5.3. Global Barley Market, by Feed Grade

5.4. Global Barley Market, by Food Grade

5.5. Global Barley Market, by Malt Grade

6. Global Barley Market, By Application (2017-2023)

6.1. Global Barley Market, by Alcoholic Beverages

6.2. Global Barley Market, by Non-Alcoholic Beverages

6.3. Global Barley Market, by Animal Feed

6.4. Global Barley Market, by Personal Care Products

6.5. Global Barley Market, by Pharmaceuticals

6.6. Global Barley Market, by Food Industry

7. Global Barley Market, By Geography Analysis (2017-2023)

7.1. North America Barley Market

7.1.1. North America Barley Market, by Type

7.1.2. North America Barley Market, by Grade

7.1.3. North America Barley Market, by Application

7.1.4. North America Barley Market, by Country U.S. Barley Market Rest of North America Barley Market

7.2. Europe Barley Market

7.2.1. Europe Barley Market, by Type

7.2.2. Europe Barley Market, by Grade

7.2.3. Europe Barley Market, by Application

7.2.4. Europe Barley Market, by Country UK Barley Market Rest of Europe Barley Market

7.3. Asia-Pacific Barley Market

7.3.1. Asia-Pacific Barley Market, by Type

7.3.2. Asia-Pacific Barley Market, by Grade

7.3.3. Asia-Pacific Barley Market, by Application

7.3.4. Asia-Pacific Barley Market, by Country Japan Barley Market India Barley Market Australia Barley Market Rest of Asia-Pacific Barley Market

7.4. RoW Barley Market

7.4.1. RoW Barley Market, by Type

7.4.2. RoW Barley Market, by Grade

7.4.3. RoW Barley Market, by Application

7.4.4. RoW Barley Market, by Country Brazil Barley Market Others Barley Market

8. Key Company Profiles

8.1. Axereal Group

8.1.1. Business Overview

8.1.2. Product and Service Offerings

8.1.3. Financial Overview

8.1.4. Recent Developments

8.2. Cargill Incorporated,

8.2.1. Business Overview

8.2.2. Product and Service Offerings

8.2.3. Financial Overview

8.2.4. Recent Developments

8.3. Grain crop Limited

8.3.1. Business Overview

8.3.2. Product and Service Offerings

8.3.3. Financial Overview

8.3.4. Recent Developments

8.4. Malteurop Group

8.4.1. Business Overview

8.4.2. Product and Service Offerings

8.4.3. Financial Overview

8.4.4. Recent Developments

8.5. Soufflet Group

8.5.1. Business Overview

8.5.2. Product & Service Offerings

8.5.3. Financial Overview

8.5.4. Recent Developments

8.6. Crisp Malting Group

8.6.1. Business Overview

8.6.2. Product & Service Offerings

8.6.3. Financial Overview

8.6.4. Recent Developments

8.7. Global Malt Gmbh& Co. Kg

8.7.1. Business Overview

8.7.2. Product and Service Offerings

8.7.3. Financial Overview

8.7.4. Recent Developments

8.8. IreksGmbh

8.8.1. Business Overview

8.8.2. Product and Service Offerings

8.8.3. Financial Overview

8.8.4. Recent Developments

8.9. Muntons Plc

8.9.1. Business Overview

8.9.2. Product and Service Offerings

8.9.3. Financial Overview

8.9.4. Recent Developments

8.10. Simpsons Malt Ltd.

 8.10.1. Business Overview

 8.10.2. Product and Service Offerings

 8.10.3. Financial Overview

 8.10.4. Recent Developments

Barley Market Outlook, Trend and Opportunity Analysis, Competitive Insights, Actionable Segmentation & Forecast 2023